Tuesday, February 13, 2024.  Doors open at 5pm.  Session starts at 6. (Lost Spur, CC, Eagan MN)

Be More 24 - Navigating Mid-Life with Confidence and Resilience!

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Be More 24 - Navigating Mid-Life with Confidence and Resilience!

Agenda Sneak Peak

LEAP! (OR GET PUSHED) with Sally Zimney Unleash your inner potential; move from self-doubt to unshakable self-confidence; learn practical insights, identification of barriers, and authentic risk-taking skills. Leap into a future filled with confidence and purpose.

Get Your Grit Together: Preparing for Life Change with Tiffany Mattick Harness grit for resilience; turn mid-life changes into an ally, gain strategies for harnessing tenacity, adapting to circumstances, and thriving amidst shifting tides.  Transform uncertainty into empowerment, emerge stronger, and seize opportunities with determination.

Navigating Menopause: A Holistic Approach to Wellness Panel of Experts (Andrea Winter, Diane K Feller MD, Andrea Messina, MD)

Embrace holistic well-being and navigate perimenopause and menopause with vitality.  Learn strategies for physical and emotional well-being, insights into Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and more.

Joan Steffend - Joy Finder, Peace Maker


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The problem?

Mid-life is a time of significant change.  Whether it's in your work, transitioning to a quieter household, managing aging parents or navigating our own's a lot to manage.

The good don't have to do this alone, we have each other.

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These past 5 years have pushed me...

I said goodbye to my 25-year corporate career, sent my kids to college, started a business during a pandemic and to top it off...I turned 50.  Do I need to say more?

I see you.


but what I've learned from all of it is...

Change is inevitable. 

Jobs change, kids grow up, parents age, our bodies change, and we can't stop any of it.

But what we can do is build a strong base to stand on.  One that allows for us to bend and adjust when change happens.  And ideally, we are surrounded by other women that are standing by holding us up, too.

We are going to talk about all of it.

Join me.  Let's build each other up, together.





Start the year with a bold commitment to your personal growth and fulfillment, embracing the transformative power of "Be More 24" as your guiding light.

Be ME 24

Perfect for women who are ready to reclaim their narrative, navigate mid-life challenges with resilience, and emerge stronger, more confident, and authentically empowered.



You’ll learn how to:

  • Unleash your inner potential
  • Move from self-doubt to unshakable self-confidence
  • Harness grit for resilience
  • Turn mid-life changes into an ally
  • Harness tenacity, adapting to circumstances, and thriving amidst shifting tides
  • Navigate perimenopause and menopause with vitality
  • Adopt natural strategies for physical and emotional well-being; gain insights into Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

    Join "Be More 24" to unlock these outcomes and embark on a transformative journey toward personal growth and resilience. 

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Are You Ready to Make life Change your Gain?


Listen, I know it can feel scary to add one more thing to your plate, but you have a choice‚ÄĒa choice to pause, take back control, and choose something better, because YOU MATTER.¬†

The world would be a completely different place if women like you owned their greatness, stepped into their personal power and showed others what it looked like every single day. 

Let’s get started.

X Tiffany



Top features

  • Be More 24 Live Event Ticket
  • Full Taco Bar
  • Drink Ticket
  • PDF Toolkit of program resources, coaching questions and more.
  • Bonus...tables and tables of high-powered, growth minded women that are prioritizing their growth and fulfillment.



Top features

  • VIP Pass to Be More 24 Live event
  • PDF Toolkit of program resources, coaching questions and more.
  • ¬†VIP Only - Special edition 14K plated gold necklace...FIND JOY
  • Pickle into Power‚ĄĘ Free Ticket¬†
  • Special VIP front row table seating.¬†¬†
  • Sponsor gift extras
  • Early release access to Sally's new book;¬†Speaking Story¬†Use the magic of storytelling to make your mark, pitch your ideas, and ignite meaningful change
  • 90-minute follow-up¬†virtual workshop and LIVE Coaching
  • ¬†FREE access to 2 self-paced courses: The Launch Experience¬†and¬†The Heart of Work
    18 hours of workshops, exercises, toolkits and coaching questions to help you launch into the journey of growth and fulfillment at work and at home.
  • ¬†Total Value over $2000

What they said after BE ME 23...

Tiffany, thank you for investing time and energy into this event! I appreciate your electrifying presentation and group participation. Everyone has a safe place to share their story with other women with non-judgmental empathy. BE ME 23 encouraged me to go deeper into myself with self-reflection and more letting go. After the event, my neighbor and I reflected on our newfound inspiration; energized with renewed discovery of potential in many areas of our lives.  

Debra E.~


I loved everything about BE ME 23! Most importantly, I appreciated that I had space to myself to reflect and to learn. I also really loved the insights that were shared by the other women present. It felt special to have all women present. I came into the event feeling pretty good and walked away with so much appreciation for how there are always more levels of growth and healing. I would absolutely love to attend more live events Tiffany facilitates. 

Emily P. ~


BE ME 23 was a great opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with women I'd met previously. I appreciated the variety in the evening, the open atmosphere to learn and grow, and bringing a guest to an event I knew would be worth their time and my investment. 

Karen O.~