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pickle into power™

A Women's Networking Group

I've combined my love of Pickle Ball with my passion for building community and connection for women.

Pickle into Power is a women's networking group that combines amazing women connecting together, building strong networks and finding joy in the game of Pickle-ball. (No experience or equipment required; we've got you covered.)
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Where: Minneapolis Cider Company
Time: 3:30-5:30
What: Time for connection and PLAY, you will engage in both.
Cost: $20-$50

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tickets are transferrable but non-refundable

Does this sound like a fit for you?

Pickle into Power™ is a monthly networking and pickle ball event that brings women together to connect, grow and play!   

Here's why others are joining this monthly experience...

  1. Desire for Authentic Connection: Many individuals are seeking authentic relationships and connections with like-minded people. They want to be part of a community where they can engage in meaningful conversations and share their dreams and aspirations.

  2. Career Transitions and Growth: Some participants are going through career transitions, seeking more meaningful work, or exploring new career paths. They may be looking for guidance, support, and inspiration as they navigate these changes.

  3. Healing and Finding Joy: Several respondents mentioned healing from challenging work environments and wanting to prioritize joy and fun in their lives. They are seeking a supportive and uplifting environment that promotes well-being.

  4. Navigating Life Changes: Life changes such as divorce, loss of a boss, and aging parents are influencing their decisions and priorities. This networking group is a source of stability and guidance during these transitions.

  5. Professional Development and Visibility: Some members are focused on their professional development and want to establish themselves as thought leaders in specific areas. They want to learn and share expertise.

In summary, Pickle into Power™ offers authentic connections, support in career transitions, healing and joy, guidance during life changes, and opportunities for professional development and visibility.

About Tiffany

Tiffany Mattick’s entire life changed the moment she stopped trying to find herself and started being herself. 

Tiffany spent 25 years working for a large, global corporation – and she often found herself unfulfilled, burned out and wanting more. By leaning into what she loved about human potential, she transformed her career from Tech to HR and traveled the world, empowering leaders to create a more human-centered approach to shaping culture. 

Tiffany is the CEO and Founder of There She Grows.  She guides groups and organizations through experiences that transform their connections to themselves and each other. These experiences empower individuals and teams to tap into their human potential, find fulfillment, and enjoy greater success at work and home.

As a coach, speaker, and thought leader, Tiffany is on a mission to restore what’s too often suppressed in the workplace: heart. 

As a purpose-driven small business owner, Tiffany finds happiness playing pickleball 4-5 times a week, laughing with her adult children, boating with her husband and sharing her office with her crazy-large, lap dog, Willow, the Bernedoodle in St Paul, Minnesota.