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Combine Your Strengths and Passion to Become the Best Version of Yourself

You can’t help but wonder…
am I missing something? 

 Is there something better out there that is truly meant for me? 

I get it. You’re feeling unfulfilled at where you are in life. Whether it’s due to your career, boss, or lack of opportunity… you feel isolated in a situation that you have no idea how to change. 

It seems like you’ve tried it all; you’ve changed careers, roles, and maybe even traded cities and states… but no matter what you do, you always end up back in the same old “I’m stuck” funk. 

You have goals and dreams… but you’re missing the opportunity to put your strengths to the test and really reach your full potential. 

There’s a light inside of you that’s dying to shine, but you’re missing the perfect recipe to connect the dots and finally grow into your best self. 

I've been in your shoes... which is exactly why I can connect so deeply with my audience.

Through my personal transformation, which led me to now leading many clients through their own, I've found the key ingredients to jumpstart your career growth and lead you to an overall fulfilling life. 
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What Others Are Saying


"Tiffany has an almost magical way of helping you take your innermost dreams and goals into actions. I have transformed my life into what I had only dreamed about before. I am so grateful to have had Tiffany's guidance on how to turn those big dreams into reality. "


"Tiffany is genuine, intuitive and motivating. I feel like she honestly cares about her work; coaching others to live their best life at home and at work.  She walks her talk. I left feeling inspired, challenged and supported. "

I’m Tiffany Mattick, CPC.

After spending 25 years working for a large, global corporation and developing myself, leaders, and teams, I took my passion for women's leadership development and started my company, There She Grows.

Through speaking events, group programs, and personal coaching, I live my purpose by creating experiences for women to connect, grow, and step into the best version of themselves at work and home. 

I truly believe every woman can do great things in her life… they just need a catalyst to unlock their recipe for success and unleash their full potential into the world. 

Are you ready to find what’s missing in your life?

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