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Tap into your innate wisdom to bring your best self to life through 1:1 coaching. 

Gain insight and direction to find the answers you’ve been searching for.

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Tiffany Mattick | Personal Growth Coach

Dive into lasting change to discover the full potential of your future. 

Coaching is the process through which a person is guided to their own innate wisdom and answers that already exist inside themselves. Coaching is not mentoring or just being supported along your journey; it is a process to discover the hope and possibility for your future. Are you ready to uncover exactly what you need to do next? Book a call now to see if you’re a good fit for 1:1 coaching. 

What to Expect

Together, We Will...

Uncover Your Greatest Desires & Strengths

Through visualization and our coaching process, you'll gain clarity on your goals and how your innate strengths will help you achieve them. 

Break Through Barriers

Discover the inner stories and beliefs that are getting in the way of achieving your goals. Then we'll work together to overcome those barriers and open up a new reality waiting for you. 

Bring Your Best Self to Life

Gain confidence, strength and resilience as you see your desires & goals become a realtiy. Gain the skills to bring your best self to life daily. 

How Private Coaching Works:

  • Through personal exploration exercises, journaling and coaching, discover elements that make you, YOU. 
  • Uncover key areas of who you are and learn how to use this information to explore future possibility. 
  • See yourself in new ways, regain hope in what’s possible when you lean into the greatest version of you.

Jennifer Kartes

"Tiffany has an almost magical way of helping you take your innermost dreams and goals into action. I have transformed my life into what I had only dreamed about before. I am so grateful to have had Tiffany’s guidance on how to turn those big dreams into reality."


"Tiffany is genuine, intuitive and motivating. I feel like she honestly cares about her work; coaching others to live their best life at home and at work. She walks her talk. I left feeling inspired, challenged and supported."

Professional Certifications & Training

  • ACTP Coach Practitioner Certification
  • RACP Results Accelerator™ Certification Program
  • Narrative Coach Certification

Is 1:1 Coaching Right For You?

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