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Tiffany Mattick | There She Grows | Personal Growth Coaoch

Personal Growth Experiences That Meet You Where You Are

Are you ready to inspire women in your organization to step into their full potential? Through speaking, workshops and 1:1 coaching, you'll be inspired to take action towards becoming the most fulfilled version of yourself. 

I can only imagine what we can do together! 


Inspire your audience to take action with a motivational and insightful talk. Topics Include:

  • Living and Leading with Inspiration and Authenticity
  • Living at Work: How Do We Do This?
  • Elevate Your Employees to Elevate Your Business 


Looking for an unforgettable workshop series for women ready to elevate their light in the world? My signature workshop, Be Her Now, participants will walk away with great insight into who they are, what they need in order to feel fulfilled in life and how to take inspired action against what matters most.
They will be given permission to confidently shine their light on the world. Let's go!


1:1 Coaching

In our 1:1 Coaching sessions, you’ll tap into your own innate wisdom to bring forward your best self- in work and in life. 

Coaching is the process through which a person is guided to their own wisdom and answers. You already know what you need to do, and coaching will help you see the path clearly that leads to a future full of possibilities. 


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We believe that when we show up authentically for each other, we give permission to our friends to be kinder to themselves and those around them. We are all on this life journey together.