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the choices we make

Jan 10, 2022

I was standing in the cabin kitchen with one of my closest friends.  We had just finished a big dinner and the kitchen was a mess.  I stood at the counter gathering up s’more making supplies, getting ready to head down to the fire.  It was the most beautiful time of night; the sun was setting, and everyone was gathering for a campfire.  Before I walked outside, my friend asked me, “Aren’t we going to clean all this up?”  “Yes, but not right now.”

Every choice we make in each moment of life is based on what matters most; our priorities.  My priority in that moment was to be present to the kids around the fire, the stories and laughs; the beauty of the night, the connection with the people.  There are always dishes to do, messes to clean; things that SEEM more important.

I was faced with this same concept just this weekend.  My son was returning from a study abroad trip to Bosnia. Stress was high trying to get home, as some of the group stayed back due to positive Covid tests.  I wanted our family to have a nice dinner on his return and so I asked my husband.  “Should I stay home and get dinner ready or go to the airport?” 

I went to the airport because it mattered more to me to be standing at the bottom of the escalator when he arrived.

Do you ever stop and take a second to look at the choices you are making?  What’s most important to you right now?  Are you choosing in favor of love, connection and meaning? 

Sometimes our priorities get out of whack due to social comparison, lack of self-care, tending to other people’s priorities or getting stuck in the “so busy” trap.

Take a quick inventory.  What are you choosing?  How is it working for you?  If you’re feeling off, check on your choices, they have an incredible story to tell.

Be well!  Be you!


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