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How cluttered are you? (Take the quiz)

Mar 21, 2022

Did you know you are just one big, buzzing ball of energy? 

Try this...Rub your hands together quickly until you feel the heat/friction.  Now slowly pull your hands apart, can you feel the energy between your hands?

You are energy.  Everything is.

We are impacted by energy in many ways, all day long.
You go into a meeting or call, you feel the energy of everyone there…
You walk into your home, you feel the vibe happening in the house…
You walk into your messy storage room, your energy goes down.
You see an email with good news, your energy goes up.

You, and them, our environments, our things, our activities, choices, thoughts…all of it; a constant state of moving energy.

All day long, we live on the ride and vibe of our energy.  Most people don’t notice.  When you understand and tune into the impact of energy and take the time to work with it, you can change your experience of life instantly.

One of the best places to start noticing energy is to assess how your THINGS are impacting your energy.  Everything you own has energy, it’s giving off a vibe that is either helping or hurting. 

Take the free quiz and find out how cluttered you are.  What do you notice?  Hit reply, tell me.

Want to learn more?…Take my one-hour webinar on decluttering your life and download the full toolkit that includes tips and ideas for getting started, including a daily check-list (start small!). 

Hear my story of hiring someone to help me declutter and organize my kitchen.  Who knew there were life lessons well beyond my crappy utensils and old dish towels?  Our things have an important story to tell about who we are and where we are ready to go.

Hit reply…where will you start your own effort to remove some unwanted and unneeded energy from your life?

I dare you to reclaim your energy, you are worth it!

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