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so peaceful

Jul 05, 2021


During our final coaching call on Sunday morning, I asked Cameron, “How do you want to feel when you get done today?”  In the space between my question and his answer, from the TV in his room…a woman said, “So peaceful.”  “I guess we’ll just go with that,” Cameron said.

Our journey started earlier that week on Monday when I got the text that used the words “stagnant” and “awful” (referring to his game).  I could feel in his text the discomfort of loving a game so much,  but also the frustration with recent outcomes.

My response was,  “I am here if you want to brainstorm ideas.” 

I’ve been invested in his athletic career since before I can remember, but I had no idea that the hours of coaching we’d do would take that support to the next level.

My first question that night, “What do you want?” He responded, “I don’t know.”

By combining the principles of neuroscience, visualization and manifestation we cleared, released and reframed everything that was holding him back.  Little by little, I helped him remember who he was, what he loved and why he was here.  I had the easy part.

Three hours later, we’d finally found the answer to the question.  “What do you want?” 


And in that time, we’d begun the full-blown process of developing a brand-new mindset and strategy.  One that embraced peace and showed up with a calm mind;  one that would win.

By tuning into peace and gratitude we laid the foundation for Cameron to freely and easily use the gifts he’s been given; without expectations, without fear and just for the love of it all. 

Our gifts aligned this week.  We were in the flow, there was magic.  And we both knew it. 

From the northwoods of Wisconsin I sat in our lakeside bar, surrounded by family, friends and strangers watching each hole go by.  I could see and feel everything we talked about…from body language to close-by cameras, we’d planned for it all.

To tap in for the win was everything we wanted, everything we planned for, all that we prayed for….”SO PEACEFUL.”

Your career, whether on the golf course or behind a desk, is a vessel.  Through it, you bring the gifts you’ve been given to life.  When you grow and reach and challenge yourself, you can find new heights, ones you didn’t even know were possible. 

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