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Something disturbing happened

Aug 06, 2020

We left the cabin yesterday before the sun came up to meet our chartered fishing boat about 75 minutes north on Lake Superior.  Not surprisingly, this early morning, north woods venture was like driving through a deer obstacle course and praying not to hit one.

As we were cruising along, my husband and I both noticed a flashing light in the pitch-black road ahead. At first, we thought it was a biker lighting up his early morning ride, but as we got closer, it was something much different.  Standing in the middle of the road was a woman vigorously waving a flashlight, at her feet, a dog that had just been hit by a car.  My heart fell into my stomach.

It felt like a scene better fit for a horror film.  Our car was moving so fast that it took us a few minutes to process what we saw.  Was it her dog?  Should we have stopped?  Did she need help?  By the time those answers came we were so far away.

I believe there is meaning to be found in everything that happens.  What was this moment trying to teach me?

Life moves really fast and because of it, we miss things.  We focus on what we think is most important but sometimes miss the mark and lose opportunities to help and support others.

My life is about to change drastically as we prepare this month to send both our kids to college.  What I hope happens in this new phase is that I take the time to slow down, to see things I missed before and to help others that are innocently waving at me for help.

In what areas are you moving too fast right now?  Where do you need to slow down for yourself or others?  How do your priorities need to change?  By asking and answering questions like this we open ourselves up to missed opportunities and future possibility.

May you find time this weekend to slow down and notice.

Be well.


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